Fishin’ with a Mission!

Pro Max 3
Eli’s ride; a Stroker 21 DC bass boat featuring Mercury OptiMax 250 XS outboard power!

There is nothing better than getting a call from a customer who is ecstatic with the the performance of our products. Eli Delany, a longtime customer and tournament angler, called recently to share results he is experiencing with Pro Finish Pro Max props on his OptiMax 250 XS powered 21′ Stroker DC bass boat.

Eli with his son and first mate, Luke.
Eli with his son and first mate, Luke.

Eli, a seasoned veteran, is a member of the Mercury Pro Team. He has also been a member of a BASS Divisional Championship team in recent years. Eli’s tournament fishing is fueled with passion – not just for the sport but also to promote awareness for Autism – something that is near and dear to Eli’s heart. When I asked if I could share his test results, Eli jokingly responded, “I’m not sure my competitors will believe how fast the Pro Max goes on my rig!”

Pro Max 8
The 250XS, fitted with a 1.62:1 Sport Master gearcase, is mounted on a 14″ hydraulic jack plate.

Eli runs both 32″ and 30″ Pro Max wheels on his rig. The 250XS, fitted with a 1.62:1 Sport Master gearcase, is mounted on a 14″ hydraulic jack plate.

“My rig ran 102.3 mph with 32″ Pro Max fresh out of the box. The boat was under a light load, with the trolling motor, all batteries and electronics onboard,” said Eli.

That is very impressive – given his 250 XS is well seasoned. Eli went on to tell me he is also experimenting with a 30″ Pro Max wheel.

“I just started playing with the 30″ Pro Max.  I got in excess of 95 mph under tournament load,” Eli said.

Pro Max 5
“Eli’s rig ran 102.3 mph with 32” Pro Max fresh out of the box.

“What I like about the Pro Max is its acceleration! It’s significantly faster than another brand prop I run of a similar pitch. It also carries a load very well,” said Eli.

These are very impressive numbers. Eli credits much of his success to his mechanic Glenn Taylor, a Mercury Master Technician since 1983.

Eli’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious. I admire people like him who share their positive energy, time and talent to promote important causes such as Autism Awareness. We are proud to be associated with his mission.


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13 thoughts on “Fishin’ with a Mission!”

  1. I’ve made one run with mine on a 20xdc bullet and 300x combo and not been impressed. I’ll try it one more time

    1. Sorry to hear, Chris. Let us know what you come up with in terms of rpm, speed, etc. Also let us know what your engine height is.


  2. After running a pro et I decided to try a pro max.The pro max lifts the rear of my mirage like a cleaver and eliminates all hoop at 75. The acceleration is much better and top end is 2 mph faster. The best feature is the improved ride in rough water. The whole boat is lifted up on top of the waves. A Great Product.

  3. Hola te hago una consulta tengo un MERCURY OPTIMAX 150HP, en un casco V profunda y de eslora 5,4 metros
    Que helice me recomendas para comprar una Bravo o Pro Max ?? y que paso?

    1. Rodrigo,
      What type of propeller are you running today? Also – what size is your pitch, what is your engine rpm and speed at wide open throttle?

  4. Hello I make a query I have a MERCURY OPTIMAX 150HP in a deep V hull length and 5.4 meters
    You prop recomendas me to buy a Bravo or Pro Max ?? and what happened?

  5. I just purchased a 2017 300xs with SM, I have a LCB with a 12″ set back lift Atlas jack. Question is should I get the 30 or 32 “ProMax” or do you have something different in mind for a prop? currently it has a 250xs running a Troghy4 27. Thanks for your help.

    1. Scott,
      With the limited information supplied – if you’re running a 1.75:1 gear ratio, you could reach 85 to 87 mph mark running a 30-inch pitch Pro Max. The 28-inch pitch Pro Max would put you in the 81 to 84 mph range.

        1. Scott,
          Sorry, I can’t say your set up can run a 32” pitch. I can offer what you could possibly see for numbers using the 1.62 gear ratio. Spinning the 32” hitting 58-5900 rpm could enable you to reach 100.8 to 102 mph. the 30” at the same rpm could see 94.5 to 96 mph.

  6. Scott,
    I have a 2004 20XDC Bullet w/ 2015 225 Pro XS SM1.75:1 gear case. Currently running a 28 Bravo 1 @ 6000 rpm at 80mph with full tank of fuel and light tounament load. Prop shaft even with the pad. Wondering if the Bravo XS or the promax would be a better wheel. I am looking for good top end speed loaded. Not trying to race just looking for best overall performance.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Charles,
      The Bravo I is a great work horse of a prop. Between the Bravo I XS and Pro Max I – think the Pro Max will give you better top speed numbers. I have to assume the Bravo I that you’re running has been modified from a standard sterndrive Bravo I. With that – I’m a little undecided on the pitch (26” or 27”).

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