OptiMax 200XS ROS
Next Gen Race Offshore Outboards

Mercury Racing is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of Mercury OptiMax 200XS ROS (Race Offshore) outboard. The new race model features a Gen 2 – 2.5 Liter OptiMax powerhead which combines components from the Mercury Racing OptiMax 2.5XS outboard and the current Mercury Racing engineered OptiMax 175 Pro XS outboard.

The OptiMax 200XS ROS (Race Offshore) is the official power of U.I.M. Class 3C offshore racing, a highly competitive single engine mono hull offshore racing class which competes throughout Europe.

The engines will be produced only in the short shaft "SS" 15-inch drive shaft configuration with the 1.75:1 Sport Master gearcase. Both right-hand and left-hand rotation models will be available. Models are intended for single or twin engine installations. Right-hand rotation models feature a Sport Master gearcase with a cambered skeg – a natural for single-engine applications such as outboard drag racing.

OptiMax 200XS ROS

OptiMax 200XS ROS

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Suitable for

  • Outboard Drag Racing
  • Catamaran Offshore Racing
  • Vee-Bottom Offshore Racing

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