OptiMax 250 Sport XS
The One From Which All Others Are Measured

Those discerning buyers looking for the fastest 250 h.p. outboard on the planet look no further than the OptiMax 250 Sport XS – holder of the APBA 1800 lb. Pro Stock Bass 250 and 1600 lb. Pro Stock Bass Low-Emissions world kilo bass boat speed records – set back and never matched since 2002.

the 250 Sport XS is the power of choice for high performance bass boats, vee-bottom and catamaran sport boats capable of speeds in excess of 85 mph. Low-water pickups and a crescent leading edge design enable the race-proven Sport Master gearcase to operate at elevated transom heights of 27" to 30" (685 mm to 762 mm) for maximum efficiency and speed. Solid engine mounts, combined with solid engine mounts provides unsurpassed handling.

The new 250 Sport XS comes with a two-year warranty and available two-year product protection plan.

OptiMax 250 Sport XS

OptiMax 250 Sport XS

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Suitable for

  • Bass Boats
  • Single Engine Catamaran Sport Boats
  • River Racers
  • Single Engine Vee Bottom Sport Boats

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