Technical Contact

Technical Contact

If you have a question that’s not answered in our FAQs or you need additional information, please contact us at the phone numbers listed below.

Mercury Racing Technical Services Hours
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
(Central Time)

Outboard & Sterndrive Consumer Affairs
(920) 924-2088
(Calls may be recorded for quality purposes)

Mercury Racing Product Technical Publications
Service manuals, parts manuals; operation, maintenance, and warranty manuals.
(920) 929-5110
FAX: 920-929-4894


28 thoughts on “Technical Contact”

  1. I am trying to find installation manual to reinstall my Mercury 280s K Planes. I had to remove them to repaint my transom while restoring all my hardware on the transom. I am looking for the right way to apply sealant, which sealant to use, and how tight to torque the through bolts. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Chris:
      I found an installation sheet; part number 90-843570 Rev. E 214.

      Instructions as follows: Apply polyurethane/silicone adhesive sealant such as Boatlife Lifeseal or a quality marinesealer suitable for underwater use. Liberally apply around each fastener, indicator wires, and between transom and upper trim plate.


  2. Hello, Is the class 1 race engine listed turbocharged or naturally aspirated? Are there any Qc4v naturally aspirated available for consumer purchase? Is it possible to order these engines with higher compression ratios? Thanks,


  3. We are designing a new supercar with leading performances especially regarding top speed and acceleration. We have seen on your racing website the QC4V motor in automotive version. We are interested in the possible application of your engine in our car. This is because it would be a perfect fit due to the very high power output offered by your power train. At this time, considering the large dimensions of your engine, we would need the technical drawings (or better a cad model) of the engine assembly because the chassis of the car needs to be designed around the motor.
    Best regards

    Achille Corbellati

    Dr. Diego Corbellati

    1. Hello Archille,
      I will share your request and contact information with our Automotive Business Development Manager Kevin Hellman. Kevin will be in touch with you soon.

      1. Hello Rick,
        I’m still waiting to be contacted by Kevin.
        Can you send me his contact so i can speak with him?

  4. Good morning:

    I hope and I wish that you can help me, please.

    I have two engines left and right mercury promax 300x mercury with15 inches midsection and in the Canary Islands (Spain) are not going well, I want to convert my two engines of 15 inches pass to 20 inches and in Europe do not get the required accessories.

    Please will can help me and said the total price of all the parts that I needed to make the change now of midsection 15-inch engines for to have next 20-inch midsection.

    Sorry for not comment the serial number because it is very old engine, you know already, but I have only one original serial number in paper in the boat document OT 819009 HPP193084BCH ME 300 PROMAX LSM but not know the other serial number but it was buying in the same date that the old owner did said to me.

    Thank you so much and I am waiting your news as soon as possible you can. I am sorry for my bad English written.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Fernando:
      Your best bet is to see your local distributor to get a quote on the various parts you would need to convert the engines back to the 20″ models.

  5. Hi, I am looking at building a new motor here in New Zealand and have been reading about your new LS3 based quad cam cylinder heads. I was wondering if you could contact me with more information like flow curves, port sizes or any other information that you are willing to give? They look to be very impressive and would love to see if they will work with my application. Thanks.

    1. Mitch,
      We are continuing our work on the complete SB4 (Small Block Four Valve) crate engine. It is being prepped for release this Fall. We will post additional information as soon as it is available.

  6. Good afternoon, I am looking to make contact with the person that handles your shipping/transportation. I would like to set up an appointment with that individual for a possible meeting the next time I am in the area. We provide expedited transportation as well as cartage & truckload services.
    Would someone be able to help me with that?
    Kind regards, Duane Clausen

    1. Hi Zack:
      Yes, you can order them through Mercury Publications. P/N 90-840514R01, Call 920-929-5000 and ask for publications.

  7. Hi, I have a 2016 Triton 216 with a 300 Mercury Pro Verado and a 9.9 mercury kicker. I am looking at buying a Bravo 1 LT but not sure of what pitch to go with. I currently run a 3 blade Tempest with a 22 pitch. I can get 56 mph at 6150 rpms. I can reach 6300 rpms but the prop starts to slip shortly after 6150. I know several other fisherman with the same set up as me that currently run the Bravo 1 FS in 22 and 23 pitch and they are getting 60 to 63 mph. What pitch should I go with on the Bravo 1 LT? I am kind of leaning towards the 23 but not sure. Thanks

    1. Brad,
      To equal the same rpm at WOT as the Tempest – move up 1″ of pitch with the Bravo I LT or FS. I’m not certain the LT is the way to go for the Triton set up. I tested the Triton 206 with a kicker and the Bravo I FS outperformed the Bravo I LT. With the 206, the LT picked up the stern too much – flattening the ride along with scrubbing top speed by 1.5 mph. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same for the 216. Let us know what you end up getting and give us an update on your performance.

  8. Hi Scott / Mercury Racing,

    Am I able to get the contact email address of someone who might be able to provide me with some technical data? I am outside of America and in quite a different timezone so calling would be nearly impossible.


  9. Scott,

    If I’m running a 621VS with 300 etec , with a stock stainless 15×21 3 blade and I’m getting 5450RPM, full load, and my boat is at the top hole mount already. The Etec 300 is 5400-6000RPM. How much more RPM do you think going to a 21″ LT would give me ? I’m thinking I want to get up around 5800, your thoughts ?

    1. Bob,
      The 21″ pitch could get the engine to 5600 rpm. The 20″ could add another 150 rpm for 5750 rpm. The 19.5″ could get you to 5825 rpm. But I think the 21″ pitch will give the best top speed by 2 mph.

  10. I’m running a 1992 Ranger Fisherman with a 2012 Mercury Optimax. Full tank of gas, passengers, I’m around 3000 pounds. Now, I don’t always have company, I often fish solo or with one other person a bunch. I tried a 23pitch Trophy Plus but it barely did 5200-5300rpm…. 5200 more consistently. Looking for the right prop for this boat…for both rough and flat water. Appreciate your input, thanks!

  11. Mercury Racing
    i was wondering about the SB4 7.0. Im doing an swap into a Ford Raptor and was looking for something Naturally Aspirated. Is the fuel system big enough to handle E85? that would be my biggest question. What size are the injectors?

    1. Hi Mark. The SB4 is restricted to applications in 1968 or prior model year vehicles due to emissions regulations.

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