Bravo I® FS

GET DIALED-IN WITH NEW BRAVO I FS PROPELLERS. The versatility of our popular Pro finish Bravo I FS propellers has expanded with the addition of Mercury’s Performance Vent System. The adjustable propeller exhaust vent system enables operators to dial-in their propeller for peak performance. Solid PVS fittings are installed at the factory. Optional open vent fittings are included with each propeller.

A majority of Mercury Verado, Mercury Pro FourStroke and MerCruiser sterndrive applications will use the Bravo I FS with all four vent holes plugged with solid PVS fittings. Larger, heavier multiple engine applications may benefit by using large open vent fittings for improved planing.

Bravo I FS with PVS enables the fine tuning of exhaust venting for Mercury OptiMax XS and Pro XS outboards fitted with the new Torque Master II gearcase. Hole shot performance can now be optimized in applications where props, such as the Bravo I XS, may produce too much venting.


Bravo I FS Update

Bravo For Go Fast Charters

Bravo I FS

Musky Hunter

Pitch 20”, 21”, 22”, 23”, 24”, 25”, 26”, 27”, 28”, 29”, 30”, 31”
Rotation RH,LH
Finish Pro Finish

Contact Mercury Racing Performance Propeller Manager Scott Reichow at 920-924-2037 regarding propeller applications and performance.

Pitch Diameter Left-Hand Rotation
Part Number
Right-Hand Rotation
Part Number
20” 15.25” 8M0090453 8M0090451
21” 15.25” 8M0090457 8M0090455
22” 15.25” 8M0071088 8M0064450
23” 15.25” 8M0071089 8M0064468
24” 15.25” 8M0071090 8M0064469
25” 15.25” 8M0071091 8M0064470
26” 15.25” 8M0071092 8M0064471
27” 15.25” 8M0071093 8M0064472
28” 15.25” 8M0071094 8M0064473
29” 15.25” 8M0071095 8M0064475
30” 15.25” 8M0071096 8M0064476
31” 15.25” 8M0071097 8M0064477