662 SCi
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The all-new EU662 SCi engine package, featuring Mercury Racing's revolutionary NXT¹® transmission and drive, was developed exclusively for sale to all countries that fall under the European Union Recreational Craft Directive(RCD).

The RCD consists of strict exhaust emissions and noise regulations for both two-stroke and four-stroke recreational marine engines. Regulations for compression ignition and four-stroke spark ignition engines were initiated on January 1, 2006. The 662 SCi is the highest horsepower marine sterndrive engine certified for sale in the EU.

It shares all of the game changing technology as its North American cousin - the 700 SCi. Engine packages come standard with the NXT¹® drive for both close-couple and drive-line installations.

The new NXT6 SSM drive, featuring the dry-sump Six drive coupled to the NXT¹® transom plate and the dry-sump NXT¹® transmission, is available for selected hulls that require the drives to be mounted higher on the transom for maximum efficiency and optimal boat performance.

Suitable for

  • Catamaran Sport/Poker Runner
  • Vee-Bottom Sport/Poker Runner