525 EFI
The World's Most Versatile Performance Engine

The Mercury Racing HP525 EFI is world renowned for its performance on and off the race course. The engine package is the power behind numerous offshore world championships.

Reliability, durability and overall performance are the reasons that offshore racers choose the 525 EFI as their power of choice. This race-proven consumer engine is a favorite among recreation sport boaters and poker runners as well.

Enhancements include the PCM microprocessor, universal engine mounts, increased engine oil flow and a larger volume and higher flow power steering system. Changes in the power steering system provide OEM boat builders with the option to rig two power steering pumps (dual engines) in series. Engine protection is enhanced thanks to increased engine oil flow through the filter and cooler.

Engine drive packages include Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR Sport Master, Bravo Three XR and dry-sump Six drive. The optional Integrated Transom System (ITS) provides hydraulic steering on the drive while making the transom more aesthetically pleasing and simplifying installation.

Suitable for

  • Catamaran Race
  • Catamaran Sport/Poker Runner
  • Sport Cruiser
  • Vee-Bottom Race
  • Vee-Bottom Sport/Poker Runner