Factory Fresh
Factory Fresh

A complete inspection and refresh of the engine – from the bare cylinder block through a final power run on a dynamometer.

The Factory Fresh service center is strategically located in Mercury Racing's 4-Cycle Race Shop, and staffed by the same technicians who built the engine originally. Mercury Racing technicians take the engine down to the bare cylinder block to work their "magic." In addition to the block, the crankshaft and all other rotating components are washed and magnafluxed to ensure the metallurgy's integrity.

After the long-block assembly has been refreshed, it goes through Mercury Racing's electrostatic, high-solid, polyurethane paint process to bring the engine back to like-new condition.

New Custom Color Options

Consumers now have the option of updating the color of their engines as part of the engine refresh. A total of eight color options, first available on new Mercury Racing sterndrive engine packages, provide boaters with an ever expanding array of color combinations to complement the dynamic paint schemes offered by today's performance boat builders.

Color options include Mercury Racing Blue Metallic, Dandy Candy Red Metallic, Devil Red-Eye Nonmetallic, Slate Grey Metallic, Fire Orange Pearl, Nanna Yeller Pearl, Hulkin' Green Pearl and Joyze Poypole Metallic. Consumers also have the option of updating engine pulleys and braided hoses with current model pulley and hose kits. The kits feature neutral, silver color polished pulleys and braided hoses which compliment the various color options.

Value Added Service

Mercury Racing also inspects and updates, as needed, the following product improvement components at no charge to the consumer. These include the following:

  • magnetic block plugs,
  • block drains,
  • wire harness fuse kit
  • pressure sensors,
  • oil pump pulley,
  • cam target wheel,
  • valley tray stands,
  • oil pan,
  • carbon fiber valve covers (1025/1075/1200), and
  • coupler – supercharger rotors.

Replaced rotating components include the camshaft, pistons, rings and connecting rod bolts. Cylinder head re-work includes the replacement of intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, retainers, valve seals, valve locks, rocker arms and lifters. Superchargers are inspected and updated with new snout bearings and seals. The refresh process includes the replacement of high-tension leads and a set of spark plugs, oil and fuel filters, all belts, special head gaskets, seals, hoses, impeller, and other miscellaneous hardware.

Additional parts that may be unfit for continued use due to corrosion or other factors may include cylinder heads, supercharger rotors, damper, or repair/replacement of the cylinder block. Customers are informed upon completion of the engine inspection regarding these parts and related charges. All refresh replaced parts are returned to the customer, unless specified otherwise.

Replacement parts used in the refresh carry the same warranty the engines are sold with – 180- days for the 850 SCi, 90-days for the 1025 SCi and 1075 SCi and no warranty for the 1200 SCi. Refresh work is backed by a 30-day labor warranty.

850 SCi and 1075 SCi PCMs are updated with the latest available fuel calibration with no change to the original 91 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (98 RON) International fuel octane requirements.

Customers can also opt for Flash Lite, a Mercury Propulsion Control Module (PCM) recalibration service. The service updates 850 SCi and 1075 SCi fuel calibrations from the previously required 91 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (98 RON) global calibration to a 89 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (95 RON) global calibration fuel rating. The revised fuel calibrations do not adversely affect engine life or performance, with the exception of the 1075 SCi which is reduced by 50 horsepower when the PCM fuel calibration is "re-flashed" for 89 posted pump octane (R + M)/2, or (95 RON) global calibration fuel compatibility.

The service is available for the following models/serial number range:
  • 850 SCi – 0M956528 through 0M962885
  • 1075 SCi – 0M956528 and up

Owners are directed to return their PCMs to the factory through an authorized Mercury Racing OEM boat builder or dealer. Re-flashed PCMs receive a Flash Lite decal, which calls out the new fuel calibration rating. An extra decal will be shipped with the PCMs, along with an instruction sheet showing the recommended placement on the engines.

Contact your local dealer or OEM boat builder to learn more and ask about the optional transmission refresh provided by Mercury Racing parnter, BAM Marine.

Refresh Kit

  • Set valve springs
  • Set valve locks
  • Super charger snout kit (bearings & seals)
  • Set retainers
  • Set valve seals
  • Set lifters
  • Set cylinder head gaskets
  • Oil and fuel filters
  • Set spark plugs
  • Sea pump – impeller kit
  • Circulating pump
  • Set exhaust valves
  • Set intake valves
  • Set rocker arms
  • Set pistons and rings
  • Set rod bolts
  • Camshaft
  • Set belts
  • Set high tension leads
  • Special shipping crate
  • Miscellaneous gaskets, seals, hoses, hardware

Process Details

Refreshed & Rejuvenated

Required Documents

The following documents must be completed and returned to Mercury Racing prior to sending your engines in for refresh. Contact Mercury Racing at 920-924-2039 or 2032 for the latest pricing and scheduling information. Details regarding the proper return of your engines along with answers to your questions concerning our factory direct refresh process will be provided.

Please be sure to review the Factory Fresh Helpful Hints page which will guide you in the return of your engines for refresh.

Review the Maintenance Tips page to ensure your get the most out of your Mercury Racing Factory Fresh engines.